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8 Workout Etiquette The Dos and Do not

By uday saini- JUL 5, 2019

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Everybody at the gym is there to get in shape, and meet their personal workout goals, but from the locker room to the mats, there are some things we all need to become better about when it comes to gym etiquette. These are a few rules everyone should follow that will get you a few fitness karma points.

Using Equipment Another Person Is Using

Ask if you can “work in between their sets

If you see someone using the same equipment you want to you, you should always ask when they’ll be done or if it’s ok to work in between their sets. It’s rude to just jump onto a machine without asking. If someone starts using the equipment while you’re resting, simply say, “I have x number of sets left.” You should let them work in.

You should never rest on the exercise equipment. Studies show that recovery is accelerated by light muscle activity like walking or moving around between sets than simply sitting down.

Practice Hygiene

Wipe down equipment once you’re done using it

Nobody likes getting onto a piece of equipment or a machine and finding the last person left all the sweat on it. Most gyms have disinfectant and paper towels available to wipe down the machines once you’ve used it. Also, don’t be that guy who leaves his sweaty towel behind for someone else to pick up after. Washing your hands, showering, and putting on deodorant are all about respecting others.

Putting Away Equipment

Never leave any weights or equipment behind

Most gyms have attendants who are responsible for tidying up after guests and put away equipment but nobody wants to be that guy that the entire gym hates because he never puts away anything he takes off the rack. After completing an exercise, restack the weights in their designated places. Don’t mix plates on the storage bars and rerack dumbells in their intended spots. Don’t assume that the next person who is going to use the equipment wants the pair of plates you left. This also goes for yoga mats.

Also, don’t take 3 different sets of weights and alternate between them all. You’re hogging the equipment that other people might want to use but are too shy to ask.

Personal Space

Be aware of your exercise area

It’s always good to be in front of a mirror while you’re working out so you can make sure you have proper form as you’re doing your reps. Before you start your exercise, check behind you and see if anyone else is using that mirror space and don’t stand directly in front of someone.

Make sure you aren’t getting too close other people as well. Everyone has their own personal bubble when they workout and you should be respectful of their space.

Don’t Make Too Much Noise

Avoid making too much noise when working out

If you’ve been at the gym for a while, you know there’s one guy in there that makes a lot of noise when he’s working out. Keep in mind that there are a lot of other people who are trying to concentrate and perform their exercises. Avoid too much chatter while in an exercise class. Limit all your grunting, yelling, or cursing while you workout. Your habitual outbursts will eventually wear thin on the other guests and others might view you as egotistical or rude. Singing or whistling can also be a bother, nobody wants to hear what you’re listening to.

Your habitual outbursts will eventually wear thin on the other guests and others might view you as egotistical or rude. Singing or whistling can also be a bother, nobody wants to hear what you’re listening to. Dropping weights is also annoying.

Asking For A Spotter

Know how and when to ask for a spotter

When you’re going up to heavier weights, it is always good to have a spotter to make sure your stance and form are correct. Ask the fitness staff first before you try to ask another member of the gym to help you out. It’s never appropriate to ask a fitness trainer to spot you while they’re assisting another member.

Limit how frequently you ask for a spotter. Also, make sure that you communicate with your spotter before you start your set. Let them know if you need help with the lift off or how many reps you’re planning on doing.

Don’t Tell Others How To Workout

Unless it is your job or someone’s in danger of hurting themselves don’t impede on someone’s workout

You’ve probably seen someone at the gym who had no idea what they were doing. They were either working out on one of the machines incorrectly, and it might be funny at first, but it’s never a good idea to tell another person how they should be working out. If they look confused, feel free to ask if you can assist them on how to use a machine, but approach them in a respectful manner. A good way to break the ice is to ask them how their workout is going and then transition to assisting them if they have any questions.

Locker Room Etiquette

Clean up, cover up, and tidy up

Make sure you turn off the water on the sinks and showers after using them. Don’t leave behind anything in the showers, or on the gym benches. Cover yourself up. Keep tasteless personal hygiene rituals in your own home, like clipping your nails, body hair, or picking. Don’t take photos in the locker room, many facilities usually have a rule prohibition taking photos but cell phones now have cameras built into them.

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