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What Happens To Your Body When You Do not Detox

By uday saini- JUN 29, 2019

You're suffering from low energy, your mind is cloudy, and you can't seem to get a good night's sleep. It feels terrible. Your body is screaming at you to detoxify. When you're filled with toxic substances, it shows in your energy level and clarity of mind. If you don't intentionally detox enough, you create a lot of work for your liver and other organs. Feeling sluggish regularly should not be accepted as normal but a sign that you need to cleanse.

Chronic constipation can occur from a low fiber intake but it is also your body's way of telling you that you need to cleanse internally. Brain fog is actually a symptom of toxic exposure. This lack of focus can be caused by heavy metals in your body, candida, or some other substance. A toxic body may have trouble sleeping because of the reduced melatonin released. Melatonin helps allow your body to go to sleep and helps ensure that you get adequate rest. Too many toxins in the body can cause you to have restless nights.


Consume detoxifying foods daily. Sulfuric natural foods such as onions and garlic help get rid of heavy metals. Prevent kidney damage by consuming more foods containing glutathione, a major antioxidant. Chlorella will help your body get rid of toxic mercury that becomes stored in the gastrointestinal tract. Consume more spinach, cilantro, and peas rich in vitamin B1 to support the elimination of lead. Milk thistle and beets help clean toxic blood.

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