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Better Sex Just From Running? 8 Benefits You’re Missing Out If You Aren’t Running

By uday saini- JUL 11, 2019


All right, all right, let’s talk about running. We all sort of know that running is good for you, in a general sort of way that we try not to think much about in case it turns out that we’re not running enough.

But the truth is that running is good for you – the health benefits are seriously spectacular, and can affect both your body and your mind in very particular ways.

If you are willing to get out and run for around 30 minutes, most days of the week (or at least start working up to that level), then we’ve got a lot of good news for you.

Metabolism Action

Run hard enough, and your metabolism will keep burning calories long after you are done

We don’t need to tell you that running burns calories. Obviously, it’s an excellent option if you want to lose some weight in a reliable way. But the benefits of running are a bit more comprehensive than this.

There’s an effect in the fitness world that is usually called the “afterburn.” Essentially, this means that running can gear up your metabolism so that you continue to shed calories long after the run is done.

The key, however, is that you are going to have to push yourself for a while to reach this afterburn phase. Fortunately, the more you push, the easier it gets.

Disease Resistance

Running can help fight heart disease and cancer, as well as give your immune system a welcome boost to prevent colds and other everyday illnesses

Running has also been shown to build up your immune system, which means your body can fight off all the annoying little colds and bugs that you encounter. But there are more long-term benefits, too.

Other studies have shown that running can help increase your longevity by preventing serious problems like cancer or heart disease.

Scoff at running all you want, but those people are putting years onto their lives by getting out and pounding the pavement (or the treadmill, as it were).

Preventing Bone and Muscle Problems

Running can help prevent joint issues and osteoporosis, as long as you don’t push yourself too hard
Something fun happens when you run consistently. First, running has been proven to help increase bone density in your legs.

It prevents osteoporosis, the weakened and slow decay of bone strength over time. One of the key weak points here is your hip bones, which running can help.

Running can also increase joint strength in your knees, prevent ankle injuries, and provide other benefits…at least if you avoid running in excess and know when to relax while your body is healing.

Mental Health

Running helps release endorphins, relax your body, and enables you to manage stress like never before.

There is a good reason that exercise is recommended as a way to treat stress and lighter forms of depression.

First, exercises can build up endorphins as a natural response to unleashing all that energy, and running is specifically great at inducing this natural high. Furthermore, running is good for loosening muscles, forgetting worries, and managing stress while getting you into a better mood.

Even a little bit of running can go a long, long way to lowering your stress levels. Don’t forget to combine it with a lot of healthy sleep at night, too!

Blood Pressure

Healthy cardio activity can lower blood pressure

Several important factors determine blood pressure, but it is definitely affected by running, too. Obviously cardio activity is great for your heart, which in turn is good for your overall blood pressure and health.

But running is also really, really good for your arteries, keeping the blood pounding in healthy ways and encouraging the expansion and contraction of arteries that keeps that blood pressure as low as it can be…when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, of course.

Note that this is true of all cardio, but running is one of the simplest ways to get the benefits.

Sexy Benefits

More definition, slimming down, new confidence and more stamina – running is just great for your sex life

Don’t even try to pretend this isn’t a benefit, too. Running is an excellent way to look sexier – and we’re not just talking about all that revealing clothing, although it certainly has its advantages.

In addition to slimming down, running is a great exercise for training your legs and adding more definition throughout your lower body. The act of running itself can also help increase your confidence throughout other parts of your life.

Few other exercises are as effective as running at increasing your stamina too…and that benefits of that should be obvious.

Lung Power

Running can help your lungs improve for more efficient oxygen flow and greater health.

Did you know that your lungs are highly adaptable? Over time, they can grow to meet all sorts of demands, which is why many extra-serious trainers head to the mountains to train in environments with lower oxygen levels.

Well, incorporate running into your life and your lungs will respond to that change as well, creating denser and more efficient tissue to help process oxygen.

The result is that you can breathe more easily, in a very literal way…and everyday activities are much less likely to tire you out as you start to build experience.


Runners can fight off the effects of aging more easily and score better on mental tests than those who didn’t run

Can running make you smarter? Maybe – especially if you do math in your head at the same time – but what running excels at is keeping you sharp.

Running appears able to help prevent age-related issues with your mental training, especially when it comes to working memory, selective attention, and task switching.

Older people who run steadily score better on mental tests, and in the case of brain damage running can even help people recover some of their lost skills. Just when you thought running couldn’t get any better, right?

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