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Bananas: Natures Nutrient Bonanza

By uday saini- JUL 10, 2019


Bananas have gained the reputation as being one of the easier to eat fruits in the world. Easy to buy by the bunch and even easier to fit into a packed schedule, one would almost have to assume that the fruits are bad for you. But that isn’t the case. Bananas are actually very dense with vitamins and all other kinds of nutrients. They are, in fact, essentially a superfood. So rather than limiting yourself to a banana with your ice cream, try to incorporate them more often. Let’s take a look at what vitamins the banana comes packed with so as to better understand why it is so healthy for you.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin can be hard to get for vegetarians as it is found primarily in meats, with eggs and beef being the primary source of the vitamin. So knowing that a single banana can offer you a third of your daily B6 is pretty reassuring. Vitamin B6 is a crucial vitamin for any healthy and balanced diet. B6 is good for your liver, hair, skin, and overall health of your eyes. The vitamin helps reduce the risk of Parkinson’s and is a blessing for helping to balance hormonal changes in pregnant women.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is the ‘sunny vitamin’ due to its attachment to fruits like oranges and other citrus flavored sources. It should surprise you to know that bananas are also prime sources of Vitamin C. A single banana can get you almost a quarter of the way to your daily Vitamin C intake so having one at breakfast will do you a world of good. Vitamin C helps your immune system to fight off colds and other auto immune issues. Vitamin C is also super great for the overall health of your skin. Research from the University of Kansas has even linked Vitamin C intake to the elimination of potential cancer cells. So grab a cup of OJ with your next banana and keep your body right.

Nobody is going around bragging about their manganese intake, but this important mineral is still needed for a healthy body. Manganese consumption helps your body to heal wounds, kick your metabolism into gear, and also prevent ailments such as stroke and heart attacks. Manganese is great, especially after a work out, so pack a banana with you when you head to the gym. Bananas are one of the best sources of manganese in the entire world.

The last mineral that we will highlight on our list is copper. Copper in your diet doesn’t take much to give your body a boost. Bananas happen to have a good deal of dietary copper in them. Copper, along with iron, works hard to keep your red blood cells in development. Red blood cells are absolutely integral to a healthy body. Copper also helps fight against inflammatory problems such as arthritis.

Bananas are obviously one of our most efficient ways to combat poor nutritional balance. Grab a bunch the next time you are at the grocery store and keep them added to your diet.

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