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Is That High-Protein Diet Killing You? The Truth You Should Know…

By uday saini- JUL 8, 2019

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Contrary to what the world has believed for the past couple of years, the high-protein diet isn’t necessarily the safest diet out there. In fact, several recent studies have shown that high protein diets could be the ultimate bad diet- because it could kill you!

How Could High-Protein Diets Kill You?

A recent study done by the University of Southern California has found that people between the ages of fifty and sixty-five that eat a lot of protein have a 75% increased chance of dying over the next eighteen years.

This included being four times as likely to die from cancer, and a bigger chance of dying from diabetes. In fact, it could be more damaging than smoking!

The Myth Of High-Protein Diets…

Remember how your mom or grandma used to say that fewer carbohydrates and more protein is great for weight loss?

Well, it doesn’t benefit you to cut out any food group completely, and eating too much protein could cause heart disease due to your cholesterol levels! Cutting out carbohydrates also lessens the brain’s natural food, and can cause bowel conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or even bowel cancer.

Warning! High Protein Diets And What It’s Doing To Your Body

While it’s true that a high protein diet can lead to substantial weight loss, the question is at what cost? If you don’t eat carbohydrates, your body is forced to burn large amounts of body fat for fuel called ketones.

The ketones accumulate, and cause damage to all the vital organs like your kidneys, your liver and even your stomach. The buildup of ketones causes an imbalance in your body’s balance of acids and alkalines, which causes acidosis. If left untreated you can slip into a coma and even die.

High-Protein Diets: Side- Effects?

Guess what? Not only does it destroy your vital organs, but the high protein diet could also ruin your chances of ever having a good conversation or a kiss again!

The more meat you eat, the more you start to smell like a carnivore which means unpleasant body odour and bad breath. You could also lose muscle tone because you’re burning protein instead or carbohydrates so your body doesn’t use it for building or keeping up muscles.

Oh and by the by, constipation might be your new worst side effect considering how you actually need the carbohydrates you get from fruit, vegetables and grains to keep you “regular” as the senior citizens use to say.

So what is the alternative?

Do not despair, for we have an alternative for you! Instead of using the high-protein diet for more than three weeks (which isn’t recommended), you should follow a balanced diet that consists of low fat, high fiber and high carbohydrate contents, while you increase the amount of cardiovascular exercise you get per week to keep the carbs burnt and your heart healthy.

Try to stay away from too much red meat, and have some chicken and fish instead, and use less oil. Any oils used while cooking mean too much-added fat, so watch your hand when you pour! Finally, get active and stay that way- you’re going to need it to keep your body and your mind healthy!

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