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Dramatic Before-And-After Photos Of Couples Losing Weight Together

By uday saini- JUL 9, 2019

Lose Weight

We all want to lose a few pounds. And it's harder for some people than it is for others to lose the weight. Here are some of the biggest losers who made incredible life changes which saved their lives.

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Justin And Lauren Shelton

This couple lost a combined 538 pounds after husband is admitted into the ER
While at work Justin Shelton became ill and was brought to the emergency room weighing 592 pounds. A few years later, Lauren Shelton had a scare of her own and needed her gallbladder removed because of weight-related complications topping her weight at 341 pounds.

At one point Lauren couldn’t even buckle her seatbelt in an airplane, and they weren’t allowed to ride on roller coasters in theme parks because of their size.

In 2012, they began a 19-month journey to shed the pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. After consulting a physician and joining a gym, they tracked their progress. Justin dropped 362 pounds, and Lauren lost 176. They were able to support one another and despite having psychological side effects of losing so much weight they are finally living a happier and healthier life.

Stephen And Claire Crowther

Claire Crowthers refused to walk down the aisle until she lost her weight

Claire Crowthers had an issue many obese people have. She would comfort her insecurities with her weight by eating. But after a stranger commented on her obesity, she forced herself and slimmed down before she would walk down the aisle.

With the support of her husband, Stephen, they both followed a strict nutrition plan and went to intense training sessions to get her weight under control. “I was a comfort eater and stress meant that I reached for the ice cream and pizza all too often.”

In less than a year, she lost 84 pounds, and together they both lost a combined weight of 158 pounds.

“I have now transformed my body twice, firstly from obese to healthy and now from healthy to athletic.”

Chantelle And Grant Fleming

Lost a combined weight of 379 pounds shut the door on binge eating.

Chantelle and Grant both admitted to each other they were deeply unhappy with their weight gain. But they loved spending time together eating takeout and drinking sodas. After they married, Chantelle passed out from carrying around excess weight and doctors warned her that she needed to lose weight or the next time she may not wake up.

Chantelle tried everything from appetite suppressants, medication and had horrible side effects including hallucinations. The two finally decided to have a gastric sleeve surgery and changed their eating habits to smoothies and shakes.

Within a year they lost 379 pounds together. Chantelle went from a size 22 to a size 12 waist. Although she struggles with saggy skin from the massive weight loss, she’s feeling much better about herself and both Chantelle and Grant hope to get surgery to remove the excess skin.

Mark And Louise Hannigan

A couple lost enough weight they both can fit into the wedding dress they get married in

Louise Hannigan fit into a 22 size dress for her wedding day. Her husband Mark had his driver’s license revoked due his growing waist. It was so bad that Mark even suffered from sleep apnea because of his obesity and even fell asleep at the wheel.

The two of them decided to turn around their appearance and lost enough weight in seven months they could both fit into Louise’s wedding dress. Their combined weight loss was 235 pounds.

“The amount of money we’ve saved from spending on junk food is worth two motorbikes – and I would know because I’ve checked.

Jonathan VanBuskirk And Lisa Berg

A Thincredible duo that lost over 330 pounds.

Jonathan and Lisa weighted a 701 pounds together. They decided to make healthy life changes and within just a few years they lost 330 pounds. VanBuskirk shed 220 pounds, and Berg dropped 110 pounds. They were even given the nickname “The Thincredibles.”

After losing all that weight, they had to undergo extensive surgery to get rid of the sagging skin. The two had matching tummy tucks to reduce the flab and now look completely different.

“I met John at my heaviest. He had already lost about 75 pounds (34kg) and was my inspiration to getting healthy,” said Berg. “Our journey has made us so much closer.”

Matt And Hannah Bradley

Overweight chef quits snacking and ultimately transforms with his girlfriend by their wedding day.

Matt Bradley used to spend his days picking at food at work, and he ballooned up. The two joined Slimming World and began to see instant results.

“On the one hand, I was really happy and secure with Hannah. On the other, my confidence had taken a real nosedive, and I was very self-conscious about my size. I had to buy XXL clothes online, and I hated seeing photographs of myself – there’s a picture of me at a wedding, and I swear I’ve got three chins.”

The both of them were able to lose the weight and keep it off by their wedding day. Losing a combined weight of 133 pounds.

“Even though we’ve always been very happy with each other, we weren’t happy with ourselves. Now we both have so much more energy and confidence.”

Leslie Hutchinson And Chris Coulter

Lost over 308 pounds after a chair broke from underneath them

Worried about her partner’s health, she was told Chris Coulter could pass in his sleep from severe breathing problems because of his excess weight. Lesley thought that one day he wouldn’t wake up.

Chris said, “we stopped smoking and replaced cigarettes with snacks like crisps, sandwiches, and pies. Around the same time we got a second car so didn’t need to walk places anymore.”

After a wood chair broke from underneath him and became infected and ulcerated because of his weight, Chris knew he needed to change his lifestyle.

So the both of them joined the Slimming world, and together, they lost 308 pounds.

Noel And Leisa Hoey

A newlywed couple lost 336 pounds after seeing how enormous they looked in their wedding photos

Things were so bad that Leisa was recommended a gastric band to help her lose weight, but she became pregnant with twins. After coming home exhausted from work, Noel jumped into the bed and the wood buckled underneath him.

After seeing their wedding photos, Noel threw them in the trash and didn’t tell his wife, but once she saw the pictures the both of them wanted to make some serious life changes. Being disappointed by their unflattering and fat wedding photos, this newlywed couple decided to lose their excess weight and make healthier life choices.

Leisa said, “since joining Slimming World I’ve lost six dresses. Finally, we can do the things normal couples do, cuddling in the cinema, sitting next to each other on public transport and even having a peaceful night’s sleep without fear of breaking the bed.”

Ben And Maria Landers

This couple may have lost the weight, but they’re trying to help others see they can do it too.

Ben spent his whole life overweight. He was over 300 pounds. After seeing he tipped the scales at 276 pounds in high school, he stopped weighing himself and started to make changes.

He focused on building muscle and recorded his weight loss. He lost 28 pounds in only 90 days and continued to workout to build muscle and become stronger.

His fiance Maria also shed a lot of weight with him.

He now has a website and Youtube channel that tracks his weight loss and has guides to show beginners what they can do and talk about the issues people who lose excessive amounts of weight worry about. Like saggy skin.

Barry Ricketts And Joanne Shed

After being bullied all their lives, they stopped eating until it hurt and started working out til it burned

Joanne Richards and Barry Ricketts, nicknamed Fatty Jo and Big Baz by their childhood bullies. They were so overweight they struggled to get around the house. The couple found out that they wouldn’t live past their 40s if they didn’t lose weight.

“The kids at school called me Fatty and Big Jo. I should have lost weight, but I comfort ate instead. I snacked on crisps and chocolates, and on my way home I’d stop in the chippy.”

By cutting back on their portions, joining weight watchers and exercising more, they lost over 280 pounds and feel much healthier than they ever did before in their lives.

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