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Keep Your Pair Perky: Natural Remedies

By uday saini- JUN 29, 2019

For years the beauty industry has been making millions of dollars making women feel insecure and buying expensive breast enlarging miracle products but none of them every really works without costly surgery. But did you know there are a bunch of things you could just be putting in your daily diet that could increase breast shape in women?

Breasts are just a mass of fatty, glandular, connective tissues, and it’s better to be putting natural home-made remedies into your body than those pills, creams, and hormone injections filled with dangerous chemicals. Here are secret home remedies that work and won’t cost you thousands of dollars with little results.


Health Tips

Get the blood flowing in those bobambas

Experts have seen that the increase blood flow can increase breast size efficiently and quickly.

Increasing the intake of radishes can help get the blood flowing to every nook and cranny inside those love apples. You can add them to sandwiches or salads. You could even slice them up and add a bit of salt and munch on them throughout the day.

Red Lentils

Health Tips

Get larger, firmer pink chewies by using this paste daily

Red lentils have been known to enhance breast size and make them firmer than usual.

Soak red lentils in lukewarm water and grind them into a paste. Apply topically and allow it to try for 30 minutes. Then wash off with water.


Squeeze out the juice from pomegranates to get larger jiggers

Drinking unsweetened pomegranate juice daily can provide a woman’s body with the required nutrients and enlarge breast size.

Remember not to drink packed pomegranate juices because they are full of preservatives and added sugars and you get little of the nutritional value from consuming it.

Dandelion Root

Drink dandelion tea and get dandy dumplings

Dandelion root has been used as an herbal remedy that helps in the development and growth of new breast tissues and cells.

Drinking homemade teas from dandelion root twice a day or dandelion capsules 525mg once daily can help you see results in two to three months. Make sure to prepare it without adding milk or sugar so it does not increase the fat content in your body.

Wild Yam

Help your nay-nays turn into ying-yangs with wild yams.

Wild Yams have phytoestrogens which can help promote the growth of breast tissue in the body. Yams are full of phytonutrients which help increase estrogen production, which can enhance the size of your breasts.

Using a wild yam cream and applying it topically to get the progesterone to absorb into the body through the skin. Applying two times daily for a few months can help improve breast size.

There are also wild yam capsules, but its usually better to take it straight from the root, no pun intended.

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