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New CDC Study Shows Americans Are Getting Fatter Than Ever

By uday saini- JUL 8, 2019

Health News

Evidence showing more Americans have health insurance and the rate of adults who regularly smoke cigarettes has dropped to 15.1% in 2015. Despite this shift, there is a rising rate of obesity and diabetes in Americans.

The CDC’s new report shows that 30.4% of Americans ages 20 and above are obese. This upward trend has been happening since 1997 when only 19.4% of Americans were obese. This is not the direction we want to go.

According to Michael W. Long said, the assistant professor at Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University:

“[The 40 to 59 age group] is really where you see a lot of the effects of obesity on diabetes-related morbidity and mortality, and you see premature deaths related to heart disease and are starting to see some of the cancers related to obesity.”

The rise in diabetes has a close connection to obesity. Half of the adults are getting the recommended amount of exercise, which is another reason for the obesity epidemic.

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