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Ginger Root 10,000 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy

By uday saini- JUN 30, 2019

Health News

Inflammation can accelerate illnesses and be the cause of many health problems we have as we age and lead to cancer. Making sure we nip any long-term inflammation from our bodies is critical if we don’t want shorter lifespans, and once you get cancer, therapy and drugs can poison our bodies and be just as bad as cancer itself. Taking preventative measures will make sure we’re healthy and avoid any problems we may in the future.

Researchers have been studying ways to both cures and prevent inflammation which contributes to the onset of majority diseases. Turmeric was shown to help impact various cancer treatments and other swarms of diseases, but ginger has now become a hot topic among scientists.

A study from Georgia State University found a reduction of prostate tumors by 56% when a diet filled with ginger root both cooked and dried and proved to be 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy because it doesn’t weaken the immune system.

Ginger was also shown to be an effective ailment for over 100 other diseases including diabetes and osteoarthritis.

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