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Counteracting Anti-Paleo Advice From Doctors and Govt. Agencies

By uday saini- JUL 11, 2019

During the nation’s official month of nutrition, various nonprofits and government entities sought to promote healthy eating. They disseminated recommendations and tips that encouraged people to drink low-fat milk and eat whole grains. Unfortunately, much of this advice is unhelpful because it contradicts Paleo diet guidelines.

It was hardly a surprise that the U.S. Department of Agriculture didn’t urge people to replace dairy products with green vegetables or reduce grain consumption. Major food corporations sponsor this agency and have the power to design portions of the nutritional education classes that physicians attend.

This makes it difficult for people on the Paleo diet to follow their doctors’ recommendations. They can try to find physicians that support its dietary guidelines, but this isn’t always easy. Even among doctors that favor this diet, there are often disagreements about the foods that people should consume.

Unfortunately, many physicians fail to recognize the harm that popular food products cause. They don’t realize that ingredients like milk and gluten can trigger significant health problems in some individuals. Instead, they link the symptoms to dubious medical conditions and recommend prescription drugs.

Paleo adherents can only start to solve these problems by working to boost awareness regarding nutrition. It’s vital to tell the public about the benefits of unprocessed foods. People need encouragement to prepare their own meals and stop ruining their lives with food that makes them unhealthy and overweight.

There are many ways to accomplish this during nutrition month or any other time of the year. People can invite others to Paleo meals, engage in community gardening and write health articles for local newspapers. This positive approach will help others enjoy happier, healthier lives for years to come.

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