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Top 10 Fitness Foods Women Should Be Eating

By uday saini- JUL 5, 2019

Are you trying to say in shape, lose weight, or just want to eat healthier? Don't know what your diet is missing? Here are some food picks to help you stay lean, healthy and strong.

Avocados have a rich fat content that makes it easier for you to absorb solubles like vitamins A, K, D, and E.

Health Care

Eating healthy fats like the cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fat in avocados helps keep your body strong and pain-free.

High potassium content helps with fluid absorption

Bananas have been shown to help overcome depression because of the high levels of tryptophan and are perfect before a strenuous workout giving you the burst of energy and helps sustain your blood sugar levels.

Berries keep you mentally sharp

Fresh berries are full of antioxidants and excellent source for the nutrients your muscles need after exercise. They help postpone cognitive decline by two and a half years.

Reduce risk of heart disease and help with weight management

Whole grain foods have lots of complex carbs and muscle-building nutrients to fuel up on before a workout.

Studies have proven whole grains reduces stroke risk by 30-36%, type 2 diabetes, and helps you manage your weight.

Lower fat content and high in protein

Dark meat is lower in fat than red meat and still has the right amount of iron, zinc and other vitamins you need in your diets.

Eating chicken with bones in helps as a visual remind of how much you’ve eaten as well.

Chickpeas can lower cholesterol

The olive oil helps in hummus contains oleic acid that helps cripple the gene responsible for breast cancer.

Hummus also comes in a variety of different flavors, so you won’t ever get bored with eating the same thing.

Egg yolk is a good source of iron, filled with nutrients vital for brain function

Eggs contain Vitamin A, B5, B12, folate, phosphorus and selenium. They also may be high in cholesterol but they don’t adversely affect blood cholesterol.

Eating two eggs per day can actually help raise your HDL, which is known as “good” cholesterol.

Filled with calcium and other vitamins and minerals to help increase recovery

Chocolate milk contains vidal electrolytes for hydration after a workout, contain a good amount of protein for muscle repair, and quickly replenishes your energy stores after a hard workout.

Milk also is a great source of vitamin D, which can help with growing bones and bone strength later on in life.

Eating wild seafood twice a week can reduce your risk of heart disease by 36%

The monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fats help cut down on abdominal fat and are good for your hair and skin. Omega-3 oils decrease blood clotting factors in the vascular system and help relaxation in the larger arteries.

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