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Worst Exercises For Middle Aged People

By uday saini- JUL 10, 2019

As you get older, you might notice that you can't do the same things you could in your twenties, and a lot of the workouts you used to do could be doing more harm than good

Health & Fitness

As you get older, you might notice that you can’t do the same things you could in your twenties, and a lot of the workouts you used to do could be doing more harm than good. These are some exercises you might want to avoid when approaching your 40s.

Leg Extensions

The resistance pressed up against your ankles and knees could increase ankle or knee injuries.

While these may help you strengthen your muscles in your legs, they can cause some serious damage to your knees when doing heavy weights.

Leg Press

This workout helps strengthen your abs and core, but they can increase the likelihood of lower back injuries.

The chances of pulling a back muscle are increased when use amount of stress is placed on your lower back muscles. There are plenty of other abdominal workouts you could be doing that get the same results without the risk of lower back injuries.


Weighted squats put a lot of stress your back, knees, and legs

As you’re approaching your mid-40s too much, weight can result in strains, pulled muscles, and even lead to expensive surgeries if you injure yourself. The body wasn’t mean to carry extremely heavy weights in the first place so adding more than your body weight is a serious sign of concern.


If you haven’t been doing them since high school, it’s best to avoid them

Your body is more fragile once you’re over the hill. Certain stresses in motions like the deadlift are dangerous for people who aren’t in tip-top shape.

Long-Distance Running

If you don’t want your knees to give out before you, do stop running so much

Yes, cardio can cut down on the belly fat, but running for long periods of time puts a considerable amount of strain on your joints due to the high-impact on your ankle and knees. Try swimming instead. It gives you a full body workout with zero impact on any joints.

Bodyweight Dips

Be mindful of your form when doing dips

Dips are relatively easy to do, and they help build your core and arms. But a lot of strain on your shoulder and arm ligaments and tendons can lead to injury when done improperly.

Abdominal Crunches

Crunches cause a curvature of the spine which can lead to future spinal fractures

No one wants a curved back, but crunches are a sure way of getting them. Again, there are plenty of other abdominal workouts can help strengthen your core but won’t put as much strain on your back.

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