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Some exercise that made us a sexy lookout

By uday saini- JUL 11, 2019

Health & Fitness

Sometimes it's hard to know whether you're just feeling the burn and soreness from a hard workout, and whether you've actually injured a part of your body. Here are 10 signs your body gives you and steps you can take to help recover from pain

Exercising is great and all, but it won’t make a difference if you’re not doing the right workouts!

And nothing is better than finding the perfect set for something as important as the core.

It’s good to have something like this up your sleeve if you happen to be traveling or can’t get the time to go to the gym.

With some hard work and determination, you can get to it you might even have an eight pack! Go out and get ripped!

Knee Fold Tuck

Work those abs

This one is great for some serious core exercising anywhere.

Similar to crunches, these seriously work those abdominal muscles and helps get rid of fat there. Make sure to keep your legs off the ground. Stretch your legs out and point your toes and extend your arms forward. Hold for 1-3 seconds.

Practical and quick, two of our favorite words when it comes to exercising!

Climbing Rope

Work out your core to the max!

This intense exercise is perfect for some core with added flair, and also works your legs and arms.

Just like the first exercise on this list, this is also something you could do at home or even in the office.

Side Balance Crunch

Good luck with this one!

You may need to work up to this one. The side balance crunch is a more difficult exercises to get right.

Make sure you keep your body in a straight line and not to overextend when you lift. You should have a mirror or someone to spot you to make sure you won’t fall over, stay aligned and make sure your form is correct.

Start in a side elbow plank then bring your right leg up and try to tap your elbow lightly.

Sliding Knee Tucks

Do not try on the carpet!

Best-suited to a smooth surface, this is great for both arms and core. The tucking exercises your core and strengthens lower back muscles at the same time.

It requires a great deal of upper-body strength as well.

Start in the push-up position then slide your feet to below your butt. Bend your knees toward your chest and keep your abdominals tight.

Single Leg Plank

Good for soldiers, good for you!

If it’s good enough for the military to make it part of their basic training, then you know it’s good to do as part of your exercise routine.

Planking is the ultimate core exercise, and doing them with a single leg is an extra challenge and makes things a bit more interesting.

Just remember to keep your butt down!

Bird Dog

Birds and dogs must be pretty ripped, right?

This exercise is more of a challenge than it looks like.

Take one leg out, extend it out behind you and point your toe. Use your opposite arm and stretch it out in front of you.

Extending opposite leg to arm allows your body to work the opposite sides of your core and even helps you tone the muffin tops a little. It’s all about keeping your balance!


A more difficult knee fold tuck

The v-ups are very similar to knee fold tucks, except they work a different part of your core and need a lot more core strength to do even!

Lay flat on your back then reach all the way out lift your legs to a 45-degree angle and try to touch your toes.

Another balance and flexibility move, this one can be a bit hard on your lower back but as long as you check with a physician and watch your pain levels, this won’t be too bad!

Glute Bridge

Less awkward at home!

Yeah, yeah, this one is a bit awkward, and you feel a bit silly doing it, but it’s worth the embarrassment. The glute bridges not only work your core, but also you butt and thighs to make a triple threat of a core exercise.

You might not want to start off with this one at the gym, though, so if you’re shy stick to doing this one at home.

Bring your heels to your butt. Make sure your back is flat on the ground. Then push up with your waist and flex your glutes without arching your back.

Wide Leg Cross Sit Ups

Pretend you’re reaching for ice cream

If you’re serious about your intensity, then wide leg cross sit ups are right up your alley! These may seem daunting at first, but they’ll grow on you as you notice the incredible results these yield with your core.

Have your legs spread. Your arm should be at a 90-degree angle with your back flat on the ground. Roll your upper body up and then touch your toe. Alternate between feet.

Try these out next time you get serious about your ab strength.


Better, faster, stronger!

This is the epitome of pain, but it sure is worth it. The Superman move is similar to a plank, except you raise your legs and arms instead. Just don’t get too relieved when your set is over, or you might bump your nose against the floor!

It works out your back and helps build a strong core.

Lay your hands out in front of you. Life up your arms and legs from the ground and hold for a few seconds.

Plank To Opposite Raise

One-Two Switch

Wide-stance plank with opposite arm and leg lift. Hold for 3-5 seconds then alternate arms and legs.

This will help tone your midsection and give you better balance.

Sliding Inch Worm

Crawl like a caterpillar

Start in the push-up position with your feet on something that will glide across the floor. Push your hips and butt up to the ceiling, pulling your toes as close as you can to your hands.

Once you can’t go any further, walk your hands out to get back to the starting position.

Wide Stance Anti-Rotation Chop

Keep your hips as still as possible

Using a side cable, put your feet wider than shoulder length apart. Keep your arms straight and your hips as still as possible and pull the rope across your body.

Make sure to keep your spine vertical throughout the entire rotation.

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