15 Secrets Your Poop Can Reveal About You

15 Secrets Your Poop Can Reveal About You

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1. You Are Constipated


Source: Medical Daily

If you notice that it’s hard to poop or that it comes out in pieces, it could be a sign that you are constipated.

Your body takes vital nutrients out of food and eliminates anything that is left over through your bowel movements. If you are constipated, it means that your GI tract is not flushing out the waste as often as it should.

If you notice frequent stool that is hard to pass or comes out in pieces, it might be because you recently changed your diet or decreased your level of physical activity.

Try to drink more water and warm liquids during the day, especially in the morning. You should also try to eat more fruits, vegetables, and other high-fiber foods.

If you do not notice any difference in your stool with these changes, you might want to ask your doctor what else you can do to improve your digestive health.