The Real Health Nuts: Pistachios

The Real Health Nuts: Pistachios

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For a more well-rounded diet eating foods with plant protein can help boost your intake without the negatives of high fat or cholesterol from meats.

There are more than 86 million people who have “impaired glucose tolerance” or “impaired fasting glucose.” Making sure they take steps in controlling their prediabetes helps prevent them from getting type 2 diabetes.

In a study by the American Diabetes Association, pistachios may help lower diabetes risk with those who have prediabetes. They had lower glucose and insulin levels when they ate pistachio nuts after meals than those who didn’t.

Another study by the American Society for Nutrition saw a positive impact on the digestive tract of people who consumed pistachios.

“Gut microbiota, or the microbial environment in the gastrointestinal tract, provides important functions to the human host,” said Volker Mai, Ph.D., study author and assistant professor at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.