13 Natural Male Enhancement Foods You Should Try

13 Natural Male Enhancement Foods You Should Try

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Cobra Blood

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Source: Rough Guides

Give your one-eyed trouser-snake a boost with cobra blood.

Known to be used since the Han Dynasty, drinking it straight with alcohol. Most say that the alcohol helps neutralize the taste of the snake’s blood.

In other regions, rice wine is steeped with a whole snake and different spices to enhance its properties. Others mix rice wine with snake fluids. Some may even add some of its venoms into a beverage to help increase the size of your one-eyed snake.

“It is clear that the cobra toxin has a powerful effect on smooth muscle and vascular endothelium (the things that cause erections) … initially, cobra venom has a very powerful relaxing effect (which could cause the corpus callosum to relax and trap blood in strategic reproductive areas). The initial relaxation/expansion is followed by an opposing, contracting effect.”